AquaTunes 3.5 Gallon Aquarium with Sleep Sound Machine

Enjoy listening to calm and soothing sounds of nature with this awesome aquarium with built-in sound machine.

Listen to recorded sounds of Bubbling Brooks, Ocean Waves, Rain Forest, and Thunderstorms while watching beautiful fish swim back and forth gracefully.

Today’s busy lifestyles can constantly bombard you with stress and tension. In our hectic daily lives filled with work, family activities, and financial challenges, it is important for all of us to have ways of relieving these pressures.

Owning an aquarium is not only decorative but it has been proven to provide therapeutic benefits, increasing your overall well-being.

Yes, watching an aquarium can significantly reduce your stress levels, just imagine watching tropical fish while listening to sounds of nature, all-the-while reducing your body’s reaction to stress while inducing calmness and enhancing positive feelings.

Connects easily connects to an iPad, iPhone or Droid Smartphones with auxiliary cable (sold separately) to download additional nature sounds or soothing music. Includes LED lighting and filtration (included).

Aquarium light can be turned on or off for easy night time operation. Available online in 2.5-gallon, 3-gallon, and 3.5-gallon sizes.

AquaTunes 3.5 Gallon Aquarium with Sleep Sound Machine
AquaTunes 3.5 Gallon Aquarium with Sleep Sound Machine

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