Best Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups & Seed Tray

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Say Hello to the Coolest Birdfeeder On the Market

Whether you are an avid bird-watcher, or you just have a healthy appreciate for nature, you will become obsessed with our innovative window bird feeder! Complete with drainage holes, a removable tray, a protective cover, and a padded perch-grip, it will definitely be the “cool hangout spot” for birds in your area!

Perfect for All Seasons and Weather

Innovation and improvement is important to our business. We designed our bird feeders with drainage holes to keep your bird seed dry to prevent mold. Both the removable tray and main feeder have drainage holes so that your bird seed can stay dry in the event of rain or snow. Keep your bird feeder up all year round with our mold-free bird feeder!

Show Your Local Birds Some Love

When you put up our Nature’s Hangout Bird Feeder outside your window, you will feel a special connection with nature. There is a feeling of peace and happiness that comes when you provide food and a comfortable space for your local birds to hangout.

After about a week, you will notice these wild birds will start feeling comfortable enough to start eating from your bird feeder. Get ready to enjoy the beauty and wonder of these beautiful birds outside your window!

Mounts Perfectly to any Window

This extremely durable bird feeder mounts to any clean window without a screen.
The three powerful suction cups provide a secure and strong hold to your window to stay in place even in extreme weather!

Remove-able Tray

This premium bird feeder kit includes a removable tray so you don’t have to worry about removing the whole birdfeeder house from your window to refill it with seeds. Simply pull out the tray and pour bird seed onto it. Then slide the tray back into the bird feeder.

Holds Twice as Many Seeds

They thought of everything with our deluxe bird feeder house! Our innovative tray holds up to 4 cups of bird seed. That’s twice as many seeds, so you don’t have to refill your bird feeder as often! They also designed our removable tray with a divider to hold two difference kinds of seeds to feed different types of bird species.

Best Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups & Seed Tray
Best Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups & Seed Tray
$29.95 $41.94

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