DOTT The Smart Dog Tag Bluetooth Tracker for Dogs & Cats

The all-in-one pet protection solution that maximizes the chances of finding lost pets.

DOTT works 4X better than a microchip and enables owners to proactively search for their pet in the event it goes missing. Unlike traditional GPS trackers which can be power hungry, require a monthly subscription and charging every 1-3 days.

DOTT is not a GPS tracker and it does not contain a battery-consuming GPS chip.

If your pet is lost, 3 simple steps to increase chances of finding your pet:

1) Report your pet lost – DOTTpet’s in-app autotracking will be enabled, allowing the app to continuously scan for the signal of the DOTT tag. An in-app poster will be generated and show up on the map of all the users in the area. We will also advertise the lost pet poster and do targeted social media sharing in your neighborhood to recruit more helpers.

2) Walk or drive around to detect the DOTT tag signal – Every person who has the app can contribute a coverage of 85-standard basketball courts. Signals can be picked up even the phone or iPad is in a fast moving vehicle. The “Find Pet” feature provides DOTT tag owners with a way to check if their pet is nearby. The long battery life enables the tag to continuously emit a signal for up to 6-9 mth.

3) Find more helpers – Users can expand their search network by inviting their friends and neighbors to aid in the search, allowing the search party to cover a lot of ground quickly

The DOTTpet app is also designed to simplify daily pet care:

-Keep track of your pet’s daily walks, food intake, potty breaks, treats, medication & more

-Track the duration and distance of walks to ensure your pet gets enough exercise

-Share pet care responsibilities with caretakers and keep your pet’s schedule intact

DOTT The Smart Dog Tag  Bluetooth Tracker for Dogs & Cats
DOTT The Smart Dog Tag Bluetooth Tracker for Dogs & Cats

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