iFetch Small Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs

The iFetch automatic ball launcher lets dogs play fetch to their heart’s content! Once your dog places the miniature tennis ball into the top of the iFetch tennis ball machine, this interactive dog toy throws it 10, 20 or 30 feet.

Adjust the launch distance with a touch of a button, and let the fun begin. Works with power cord or 6 C-cell batteries. Happy fetching!

Step 1: DROP

Train your dog to “drop!” the iFetch mini tennis ball into the iFetch. We recommend using another ball (showing another pretty blue ball will make them drop the one they have) or using treats (yum) for motivation.

Step 2: FETCH

Encourage your dog to “fetch!” once the ball flies out of the front of the iFetch. You may need to launch a few balls from the iFetch at first, showing your dog that his new toy actually throws the ball – it doesn’t eat it.

Step 3: REPEAT

Now, coax your dog to “bring!” the ball back to the iFetch for more fetching fun. Again, try using another iFetch ball or treat to get them back behind the iFetch again and ready to drop. And don’t forget – lots of praise and hugs!

iFetch Small Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs
iFetch Small Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs

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