Mikro Innovations Dog Feed and Medication Dual Tracker

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Mikro Innovations Dog Feed and Medication Dual Tracker
Mikro Innovations Dog Feed and Medication Dual Tracker

A reliable and easy to use dog food tracker

You may think you have all the dog stuff you need but this dog feeding tracker is ideal for families with 1 or more dogs who think someone else in the house has fed them already. Every time you feed your dog, just highlight the fact by moving the strong magnet to either the AM or PM position for that day of the week. Anyone unsure can check the tracker to see if the dog has eaten or not.

A high quality and simple design

Unlike other dog food trackers on the market ours is made from quality aluminum without any stickers or labels that can easily peel. There are no switches to move, just use the strong magnets to indicate that food and/or medication has been given. There are no switches to reset at the end of the day or week and the magnets will never be lost or misplaced as they can be attached to the sign with the chain included.

An ideal gift for dog owners

A dog owner can never have too many dog things, dog toys, dog beds and leads are all a given, but our sign is something that will make life simpler and create perfect harmony for dogs and their owners. There is no risk of dogs becoming overweight due to overeating and any medication they may be taking can be issued on time, every time for complete peace of mind.


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