MushroomCat Face Cute Modern Cat Scratch Lounge

High-quality Cute cat face design to match the home, Superior Cardboard & Construction, And can protect your furniture.

Cat scratching pad for 2 cats to play at the same time,Cat will love to scratch it and curl up inside and sleep in it.

With organic Free catmint, make love cats faster like. 100% recyclable materials. Heavy-duty corrugated cardboard construction.

Original Product,after testing, cat scratcher cardboard can withstand the power of 50KG, and will not collapse, you can rest assured that the use of.

Why use a cat scratch board

Cats have very sharp claws. Claws grow fast and start bending easily, claw barbed will affect the catwalk and stabbed legs. In order to maintain sharp claws and prevent excessive bending, cats form the habit of grinding claws. Grinding claws is an instinct, which is necessary for their own physiological adjustment.

In order to protect their sharp weapon, cats usually grinding claws through furniture, curtains or sofa, which no doubt will bring the troubles to the master. At this time cat scratch board can be used to solve your troubles.

MushroomCat Face Cute Modern Cat Scratch Lounge
MushroomCat Face Cute Modern Cat Scratch Lounge

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